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Kurta Pajama for Men

Kurta Pajama also spelt as Kurta Pyjama is a traditional item of clothing in the Indian Subcontinent. It is generally associated with the comfort when worn in the house. For a hot country like India,White Kurta Pajama becomes preferred clothing due to its loose and baggy fit. The top called the Kurta or Kurtha is usually full sleeved and length upto knee level. It is also worn for getting the traditional look at an occasion. A traditional Kurta is composed of rectangular fabric pieces with perhaps a few gusset inserts, and is cut so as to leave no wasted fabric. The pattern of Kurta is usually simple, although it can have elaborated decorative treatments depending on the occasion for which it is being made. The Wedding Kurta Pajama has heavy embroidery on it and is made of rich fabrics that have seen such as silk. The sleeves do not have cuff at the hem and are not narrow as they do in Western-cut sleeves. There can be decoration on the hem lines in form of embroidery. The bottom pant is called Pyjama, which is wide from top and narrow from end. It is held by the drawstring at the top. Sometimes the bottom pants are also replaced by Dhoti (Dhoti Kurta) or Salwar pants (Pathani Suit) which is added with an optional stole usually in contrast color.

Cbazaar offers a wide range of Kurta Pajama in various fabrics and style options. To help you make the best choice, we have categorised the entire collection into various occasions such as Readymade Kurta,Wedding Kurta, Designer kurta etc. To order Kurta Pyjama from Cbazaar all you need to do is to select the design you like and opt for the chest size to get the perfect fit.

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