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Readymade Lehnga – Preferred Wedding Outfit

Whenever, we talk about traditional or ethnic attires, one thing which instantly comes to our mind is lehnga. Lehngas have always been in fashion and they continue to top the fashion charts in the bridal and traditional dressing approach. Conventionally, all lehngas used to use to be customizingly stitched but with the change in fashion trends people have come with the innovative idea of readymade lehnga. These readymade lehngas are similar to the stitched lehngas, with just one difference that you no longer have the burden to visit a boutique to get them stitched. Today, these readymade lehngas are available in amazing cuts and styles to suit all body type. They look graceful and stylish and can be further customized as per the need of the person wearing it.

Some of the stunning styles of readymade lehngas are:
  • Straight cut lehnga
  • Similar to a wraparound skirt, these lehngas fall straight from the waist down to the hem. It has a slit on the side for your easy movement and complements most body types thereby displaying an imaginary slimming effect.
  • Fish tail Style
  • This style lehnga is well fitted till knee and then flares out towards the bottom. The lehnga fits perfectly on the hip and is well recommended for women with an hourglass figure.
  • A- Line Lehnga
  • In this style of lehnga, the lehnga flares from the waist towards the hem, similar to the alphabet A. it is fit for those pear shaped brides.
  • Panel Lehnga
  • These lehngas create a slimming effect and thus are highly popular amongst brides. They provide the exact amount of flare needed/ there are a number of panels which are stitched together. It may be of same fabric or colour or a rich combination of colours and fabrics.
  • Circular Lehnga
  • This style of lehnga offers you a larger circumference along with lots and lots of pleats near the waist. It looks highly classy and adds volume. It is recommendable for slimmer brides.

Thus, these readymade lehngas are a fascination for the bride who is wearing it and delight for the people who are seeing it.

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