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Buy Women Bhagalpuri Saree

Bhagalpuri Sarees

Every silk saree has its own significance and distinctive features. While some can be differentiated based on the kind of silkworm used, some are described by the weaving pattern of the silk yarn and few others are made popular because of the intricate detailing that gives the Saree a whole new look.

Bhagalpur - situated in Bihar, India is also popularly referred to as the ‘Silk City’ since it is renowned worldwide for its silk production. The silk manufacturing unit in this city is about 200 years old and complete kinfolk exist who have been producing silk for many generations. Bhagalpur is highly popular for its sericulture, manufacture of silk yarn and weaving it into enchanting stuffs. The silk produced here are of a unique and extraordinary type. Bhagalpur silk is a domestic name in India and the admirers of Bhagalpur silk fabrics is found all over the India.

Due to its specific environmental conditions and the climate that supports, Bhagalpur has remained an important center for production of Tussar Silk, also known as the Tussah silk which is an commendable art of silken threads that is popular worldwide for its distinctive quality and buoyancy. The special feature of these Bhagalpuri saree is that they are made up of handloom even today. The innovation and work that is put in by the handloom weavers are truly praiseworthy.

Bhagalpuri sarees are appreciated for their rich texture and natural deep gold color. When compared to other silk sarees, they are less expensive and durable. The material is a lot more breathable because of which it is possible to wear these designer sarees even during hot summers. It has normally a blunt, golden luster and is available in the natural shades of beige, cream, honey and tawny. But still, the increase of widespread latest dyeing techniques has resulted in Bhagalpuri sarees being available in many more vivid shades. The sarees and other products produced from Bhagalpuri silk are world popular and are exported to different countries across the globe.

On the whole, sarees from Bhagalpur have an incomparable elegance and are a must have in every women’s wardrobe. Check out Cbazaar to know the latest trends in Indian fashion and to experience hassle-free shopping.