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Pure Silk

Every women in India love sarees and they love it more especially if it is silk. Whether it is the magnificent Kancheevarams of the south or the exquisite Benares brocades of the north, pure silk sarees have their special significance and have never missed to mesmerize our hearts. Silk sarees from India are recognized for their gleaming elegance, countless number of designs and bold colors. These sarees are the popular ethnic bridal wear preferred by most Indian brides and no wedding in India is complete without the opulent and extravagant silk sarees. Apart from wedding, these sarees are also the top pick when it comes to religious ceremonies and festive occasions. These are the most luxurious sarees created from gathering the silk threads from the silk-worms. The method practiced is cruelty-free and the worms are not killed for the silk.

Traditional Indian sarees made of silk are popular not only within the country but also across the globe for their divine magnificence and gorgeousness. Different parts of the nation have their unique silk weaving technique and some of the popular silk sarees are Chanderi, Venkatagiri, Banarasi, Paithani, Gadwal, Kanjeevaram, Mysore silk, Narayanpet, Pochampally, Uppada, Patola silk and the list goes on and on. While most of them are pure silk, there also other types with different blends of silk and other fabrics.

There are various types of silk sarees available in different price ranges and are ranked according to certain features such as the popularity, intensity of the work, purity of the silk and the embellishment done on the saree. Among all these factors the additional richness of the pure silk sarees widely depends upon the embellishments done on it. More the work is done more the rich look and higher price tag it will have. Whatever the embellishment may be, the end result is splendid. The intricate gold zari and brocade work in sensational motifs and designs are truly a treat to the eyes.

Pure silk sarees are considered very precious in India by most women and in some families it is also culturally passed down from generation to generation. Due to their durability, they can literally last for decades if kept with care.

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