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Buy Women Casual Wear Saree

Casual Yet Ethnic Indian Style of Dressing

Every country is distinguished in their dressing style. Most of the time you can identify each country by the way they dress. Everyone around the world differ in their clothing both in traditional and casual wear. For instance, UK and USA have more or less similar trends. Their casual wear would be mostly t-shirts and jeans as they always prefer simple and comfortable dressing. Japanese are with their traditionally wear "kimono" single part of cloth to wrap around the body. Since, kimono is said to be their traditional wear Japanese mostly prefer the western clothing as their casuals. Whereas Indians are generally known for their variety of clothing styles. Although, the global trend is to follow the western style of dressing yet we have a few exceptions, where you still have the traditional wears as the casual outfits. India is one among them. Since India is known for its diverse culture and religions. Every ethnic style of Indian clothing is said to be unique and subtle. These ethnic wears also acts as the casual wear for most of the Indians. The Casual wear Indian Ethnic clothing are also as unique, stylish, and adorable as any other traditional Indian wear.

India has around 29 states and each state has different style of ethnic wear. Each wear from all these states have their own style and charm. Hence, Indians are said to be rich in extravagant clothing styles that is often blended with traditional habitual. Though, the Indian outfits are said to be bright and colorful they also differ appropriately depending on the places and occasions. The most colorful and stylish dress is mainly for occasions like wedding and other traditional celebrations. The outfits like Dhothi, kurtha, sherwani, and lungi are a few causal wears for men. Sari, salwar Kameez, Kurta pyjama are a few habitual casual wears for women in India.

Dhothi: This is a piece of unstitched cloth that is around 5 yards long and mostly worn around the waist by men in villages. These dhotis' can be the best with kurtas on the top. Lungi and dhothi are mostly been the casual wear. The most preferred fabric for lungis is cotton due to its comfort.

Kurthi: These are often loose fitting and mostly made of cotton and ideal for casual wear. These kurthi or kurtha's are ideally suitable for both men and women with slight difference in the style and size.

Sari: This is the most common and traditional wear of Indian women. A nine feet long unstitched cloth that is draped around the body. The most expensive sarees like Silk and banarasi saris are always meant for occasions. A few like synthetic fabrics in light colors and less of work are always preferred as the casual wears.

Salwar kameez: They are commonly known as Punjabi suit. This attire is used as both casual and formal wear in almost all the part of India. Since the comfort level is more in this outfit most of the college girls prefer it. It comes in cotton and georgette, silk, and chiffon fabric.

Kurta pyjamas: It is another traditional yet casual wear in India. A loose top is paired with a loose pyjama below the waist. This attire also more or less has the same comfort level for all type women in India. Thus Indian people have their own style and uniqueness in their attire. The country that still has its tradition been existed in their casual wear shows how India is blended with ethnic style that last in every style of their dressing.