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One could drape saree in multiple styles. Draping saree varies through region throughout the vast Indian sub continent. India Sari is colourful and graceful Indian attire which flatters the profile of even women with stout stature. The pallu goes through the left shoulder usually from front to back. In West Indian states like Gujarat and Rajasthan pallu comes from back to front through the right shoulder. Brahmin communities and Marathi communities from Maharashtra have the cloth passing between their legs. The pallu might pass through the right or left shoulder for Brahmin communities where the saree is 9 yards on contrast to the 5 yards of normal saree. Marathi method uses eight yards of India Sari .

The blouse and in skirt should be chosen with attention before selecting to drape saree . India Sari might look good with same colour blouse or contrasting blouse. The in skirt should be thick for net sarees. It is best to have cotton material for in skirt keeping Indian climate in view. If the blouse has a lot of stone work, care should be taken to expose the work in the sleeves or back without which it would turn meaningless. Saree has modesty and chastity about it and it is best to stick on to the Indian values instead of posing a daring look.

Koorg style to drape saree is totally different where the pleats are at the back instead of the front and come through the right shoulder to the front to be pinned. India Sari is draped in different styles in tribal areas.