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Buy Jute Sarees Online

Jute is one of the most affordable fibres next to cotton that is used in weaving textiles like sarees. Jute silk combination fabric is very popular specialy for appliqué and mirror works. The tribal handloom weavers from Banjara, Andhra Pradesh are famous for these exotic Indian sarees. Jute sarees are gaining popularity by the day owing to their lasting utlity and low cost. This Ligno-cellulosic fiber was promoted all over the globe by the likes of Tata, Birla and Mittal. The moisture absorbing capacity makes these Indian sarees very comfortable for climate prevalent in India.

Bengal has been more associated to Jute sarees from India than any other state. Jute sarees has made an impact in the Indian Fashion scene with designer sarees emerging in this section. The traditional splendors of Indian craftsmanship are well displayed in these Indian sarees. Jute motifs are also done in combination fabrics. The comfort of Jute sarees gives it prominence among Indian sarees . Patch works are very popular in these sarees.

Jute sarees from Banaras are known for the antique and traditional hand work, exotic colour combinations and Kalamkari designs. In south India, Kancheevaram sarees use jute motifs for temple designs. These sarees are worn during mehendi functions in few communities. An increasing number of online sites trade jute sarees of which few are highly experienced in the trade. Having earned a reputation for their trade, these sites deliver the best jute sarees when an order is placed. Jute sarees could be viewed and bought from here.