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Buy leheriya saree Online

Though Saree is popular and worn throughout India, different parts of India are famous for various kinds of Sarees that flaunt distinctive pattern and the indigenous art form of the respective region. The western part of India is famous for its art forms of Bandhni and Leheriya, which are essentially tie-and-dye techniques. Hence any Saree from this region would either completely feature Bandhni or Leheriya pattern or at least have a touch of it.

Similar to Bandhani, Leheriya is also a tie-and-dye technique practiced in Rajasthan. While Bandhani results in dots of varying sizes depending upon the pattern, Leheriya pattern is basically a striped tie-and-dye pattern which occasionally results in zig zag stripes also based on the way the fabric is folded and dyed. Rather than on Salwar Kameez or Lehenga Choli, Leheriya pattern is more common in long unstitched cloth such as Dupattas or Sarees. Similar to Bandhani or Bandhej Sarees , Indian women harbor a craze for Leheriya Sarees as well. In common parlance, they are also referred to as Rajasthani tie and dye Saree or simply Jaipur Sarees . A Leheriya Saree with vertical stripes would make shorter women look tall and slim while a Leheriya Saree featuring horizontal stripes or horizontal zig zag stripes would look fabulous on tall and graceful women. At the same time, Leheriya Saree featuring diagonal stripes are the most flattering as they suit most body types. A vibrant Leheriya Saree with dyed stripes usually features a contrast colored lace or zari patch along the border which makes the Leheriya Saree look even better. Few Leheriya Sarees reveal sequins buttis or embellished round motifs with sequins, beads, bugle beads, kundans, etc which creates a pleasing contrast against the striped background.