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Buy Panetar Saree Online


Panetar Sarees have been sourced from Gujarat. These sarees are in red colour since the colour is considered to be auspicious in many states of India particularly Gujarat and hence these sarees are also known as Gujarati wedding sarees. These sarees are gifts to the bride in the Hindu and Jain community from the maternal uncle. The body of the Panetar Sarees is in white with zari stripes and the pallu of the saree is red. The images would be enhanced with yellow dots. In Gujarati community Panetar Sarees is the last saree that a bride receives from her birthplace. After that she belongs to the groom and his family.


The popular places of Panetar Sarees manufacture are Kutch, Ahmadabad, Jamnagar, Rajkot and Surat. Designers in the Indian fashion scene have got extra innovative to bring fresh designs in these Gujarati wedding sarees. Panetar Sarees patterns are nowadays used in salwar kameezes too. When a bride chooses a complex pattern, Panetar Sarees becomes a challenge for the weaver who has to handle the silk threads carefully thereafter. The blouses for these sarees are available online with plus size designs.


Panetar Sarees are also available in lehenga styles. Gujarati wedding sarees are normally vivid and colourful of which Panetar Sarees should not be missed. The blend of white and red colour has been imagined in a spectrum of methods that reason the variety in these sarees . Panetar Sarees can be available in traditional patterns to trendy embroidered ones. There are several leading designers in India who have carved a niche for themselves in creating exclusive Panetar designs and patterns.