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Buy Saree Silks Online

Saree silks are most loved by Women all over India, South Asia and the Middle East. These silk sarees have fine texture and have gold thread works or other forms of embroidery in them. Benaras is an important saree silk saree manufacturing site in North India. Rajasthan is well known for its Kota Doria sarees which uses varying gauges of yarn. These silk sarees are very transparent. Chequered patterns are another speciality of Kota Doria silk sarees. Kanjeevaram silk sarees form an important part of south Indian womans wardrobe especially the bridal trousseau.

These saree silks are heavier and therefore have expensive rates. Pashmina Silk, Mysore Silk, Pochampally are other popular south Indian saree Indian saree silks. Kerala is popular for Narayanpet and Bavanjipet wedding silk sarees. Muga silks which are produced in Assam are famous saree silks from west India. Baluchari sarees from east India have silk and brocade material spun in them. These sarees have sun, moon, stars and scenes from epics like Mahabarat and Ramayan in them.

As for south India, apart from Mysore, Kanjeevaram and Pochampally places like Arani, Tirubuvanam are also popular for saree silks . Opulent families allover India visit weaving places to check the catalogue and place orders or have exclusive customized orders while purchasing wedding silk sarees or during other festive seasons. Saree silks are very important part of womans wardrobe especially the bridal trousseau. An Indian woman makes impression at her in laws or while socializing with these exotic and impeccable silk sarees . Therefore these saree silks are an important part of her lifestyle.