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Plain and Simple is the art of Elegant Style!

What makes us uncertain in the trend of style?

It’s definitely the sense of fashion and social pressure. A well groomed and stylish woman has always been the envy for others.

Every individual will have his/her own style of dressing sense. Few like bright and vibrant and a few like it be simple and elegant. Simplicity is the real meaning that would match up with elegance. This page is for those who love to have a simple and elegant look. The one who wishes to have a sophisticated dressing style without leaving the simple lines and classic look will definitely love it.

Dressing with elegance is a simple matter in showing respect through elusiveness and simplicity. Here are a few ideas to make your look more of classy and plain.

Trend of your own style:

Nail down the styles that remain as a strong notch in fashion. You never need spend much of money instead style up with the restrained taste of fashion.

  • A simple esthetic teal cotton kurti with less or no accessories and plain sandals would give you a sophisticated yet enchantingly simple look.
  • Adorn your beauty with the plain jacquard saree beautified with the colorful patchwork would give more of dazzling style. Pair it with a minimal accessories and makeup.

Poised and approachable Style:

The neat and modest look of a person comes from the right choice of attires chosen. Always choose the attire that would suit your height and compliments your skin tone. Step into the gorgeous lighter shades like pink, teal, saffron silk sarees or cotton salwar suit with a simple embroidery work.

Apart from the elegance it’s the matter of confidence and optimism. To be elegant you definitely not need to be superior and intelligent. Just make it a simple and plain with the entire wardrobe.